With the transition date from analogue to digital TV quickly approaching isn't it time you upgrade your current antenna? Your old antenna system may not be able to receive digital signals due to many factors.

There has been frequent advertising lately about digital TV and freeview but still
there seems to be a certain mystery
surrounding what is required in order to get digital TV.

Now that we are in the digital transition phase, many picture faults may begin to appear that perhaps you never had before, especially if you have just bought a new digital TV or set-top box.

An additional television outlet in any room may solve your viewing problems and can usually be connected to your current antenna system. Dimson will install as many additional outlets as you require!

High definition may not be high definition unless installed correctly! The capability of a set-top box will not only depend on its specifications but the method in which it is connected to.

Don't have a flat screen TV take up space on your floor! Why have your flat screen
TV take up space on your floor when you can have it wall mounted and out of the way!

These days setting up new equipment
can be quite difficult especially if you
don’t have the correct cables and reading those confusing manuals can be quite tedious.

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